Virtusync Automation And Control Solutions

VirtuSync Automation and Control Solutions (ACS) applies sensing and control expertise that helps create safer, more comfortable, secure and protective environments. The products, services and technologies of VirtuSync ACS are powered by Honeywell Limited, and are currently at work in 100 million homes and five million buildings worldwide. Not to mention aircraft, trains and automobiles. VirtuSync also monitors and controls processes to improve the productivity of complex industrial plants. It also ensures the possibility of miniaturizing sophisticated, implantable medical devices. In today’s context, sensing and control is about collecting and integrating information from multiple points across an office building, an airport or a school to optimize the performance of critical systems like heating and air conditioning, lighting, video surveillance, access control and fire.

Please feel free to contact our dedicated staff at VirtuSync to explore the possibilities as to how the solution implementation may be initiated in your esteemed institution. We eagerly anticipate associating.