Web portal for the Federal Judicial Service Commission of Nigeria

The Federal Judicial Service Commission (FJSC) is a profound institution providing justice, respect and law compliance in our country. VirtuSync’s digital automation dynamics has been extended towards the creation of a web portal for the FJSC.

This new website accessible at www.fjsconline.gov.ng provides a spectrum of useful and vital legal information, including:

  • Structure – Facts regarding the structure of the Commission, its current members and its modus operandi.
  • Duties – Details about the responsibilities held and the duties attended to by the members of the FJSC.
  • History – A comprehensive tour of the creation and history of the FJSC from its conception to the present day.
  • Constitution – A verbatim reprint of the grand Constitution of the FJSC.
  • Member Profiles – Informative profiles of every past and present member of the FJSC.
  • Chairmen – An elaborate overview encompassing the current and former Chairmen of the FJSC.
  • News & Events – An ever-growing collection and description of FJSC news, functions and events.
  • Social Activities – A list and explanation of the various social activities sponsored/undertaken by FJSC.
  • Employment Opportunities – An accumulation of current career opportunities that are available to the public at large.
  • Press Releases – Reprints of every press release involving news and updates regarding FJSC.
Please find an opportunity to visit the web portal for new and ongoing content.

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