Visitors Management Solution

It is imperative for institutions with an influx of external human traffic into their premises to be able to quickly and easily record information about each one of them. It is essential to know each facet of the individual, and besides his intent, duration, entry, exit and the purpose of their visit a host of associated reasons/information. For time eternity, such information was collected on a large paper or register, and became outdated with the passage of time. There are many ways of wrong information by suppression of facts, misrepresentation, impersonation etc, besides information intended to be confidential may not remain so.

An ideal institution has organized methodologies of collecting data about people, and VirtuSync has the apt solution to enable such data collection. VirtuSync’s Visitors Management Solution is ideally suitable for the purpose which instantaneously captures data, making it easy to store and access, and at the same time maintain strict confidentiality.

The system works by having every visitor run their driver’s licence or identification card through a scanner. This process ensures all relevant information is captured, saved and stored to a data base. The process can be customized per client requirement, which will have the ability to store the name, address, and other relevant details, besides other information which may be required such as a photo, the purpose of the visit as well as a signature.

After the scanning of the proof of identification, the data is stored in an electronic database and saved. It can then be accessed by any terminal of the network that has access to the Visitors Management Solution software. Each terminal can be interlinked, allowing users to easily share information and communicate. This solution has many inherent advantages:

This software package will allow one to track and monitor anyone who enters the premises. This will precisely point to their floor location, reasons of their visits and the duration of their stay on the premises. This is perhaps the best procedure to know who is on the premises and why. There are provisions for setting up alerts to prohibit, or restrict the entry of certain individuals who tend to be a potential security threat or intend to breach the system.

Internal Security Compliance
In many nations and institutions, it is a mandatory and statutory requirement to have a surveillance system for security reasons. Persons who are a social security risk are intimated for the people at large to be aware and keep safe distance. Under such circumstances, VirtuSync’s Visitors Management Solution plays a vital and important role both in the national and internal security interests.

The earlier method of recording paper entries for guests and visitors onto the premises is a bygone methodology. With VirtuSync’s Visitors Management Solution, each visitor can access entry to the premises in the least possible time. The only time required is that of swiping an identification card. Visitors now do not have to fill out written entry and exit forms, or paper entries.

Only authorized persons who are eligible to view personal information will be able to see a target visitor’s relevant details. As the data is scanned and sent directly to an electronic database, there is absolutely no probability of other visitors or unauthorized persons obtaining any details. The old system of recording visitors’ entries is in total conflict to the new trend and tendencies. Privacy is sacrosanct, and VirtuSync’s system imbibes the sense of total and complete confidentiality.

There are many lacunae in the paper recording methodology, which occur either intentionally or intentionally. Visitors do not sign correctly, illegible handwriting, furnishing of patchy information, etc. Moreover, with time, the noting on the records fades; rendering them completely illegible. The VirtuSync system collects information directly for a valid and authentic identification card, which guarantees the correctness of the information and preserves the same free from distortion for time eternity.

User Friendly and Compatible
This solution is extremely easy to learn and use. VirtuSync staff will train the staff of the prospective institution regarding its operation, and extend customer service and technical assistance 24/7. The software system is a very compact package and occupies minimum hard disk space. Its requirement comprises a PC with a Pentium IV processor, Windows 2000 or XP, 512MB of RAM and 100MB of free hard disk space. These are commonly available in nearly all companies, which enhance its compatibility and adaptability.

Badge Printing Capabilities
VirtuSync Visitors Management Solution enables the customized printing of badges for visitors. The software package comes with more than 200 templates to choose from, and a selection from those can be made, which best suits the corporate purpose. With the aid of this package, badges can be printed both for staff members and visitors. Badges pertaining to various corporate purposes and functions can be printed for segregation and control.

Return on Investment
VirtuSync ensures its clients attain high returns on their investments by adopting solutions provided by it. Using this system will provide clients and employees and visitors with convenience, time savings and transparency of activities. Other companies will adequately respect your commitment to security, and will be favourably disposed in their opinion about you. Savings in time will lead to savings in money besides the multifarious advantages of the product mentioned above.

Electronic Visitors Management is an ideal and safe solution for all innovative and progressive companies. The adoption of this solution enhances the public image of the user and transmits the message to all that the company is concerned about the visitors’ security and privacy. You are advised to contact the designated staff at VirtuSync today to explore the possibility of implementing this solution in your office, trade show facility or anywhere you need to collect data on visitors.