Records Warehouse

A major issue which many businesses face is trying to successfully manage and organize an ever-increasing number of documents, records and files. Most companies have such voluminous records to deal with that it can be extremely difficult to keep track of them all. As the business grows, so does the amount of paperwork that needs to be saved and archived. This process becomes more difficult and complicated as the number of documents increases, and company owners are forced to scramble to find a solution to their document storage and retrieval problems.

VirtuSync has a remedy for this serious issue. The Record Warehouse Solution is precisely the appropriate remedy to the problem, which an institution will need to store and manage business related document that will be readily available.

The Record Warehouse system involves converting essential documents into a digital format. This eliminates the need to store paper documents within your office building. Besides consuming valuable office space, storage of paper documents has virtually become an outdated, inefficient and redundant process. Many institutions find their space to fall short in view of storing paper documents, besides their employees wasting valuable time trying to locate documents.

After the conversion of documents to the digital format, they will be imported into the VirtuSync Business Process Manager, a highly customizable database that will store and file every document which a business produces. The Process Manager has the inbuilt ability to search any records in a few seconds. It will save time and money besides promoting efficiency.

The resultant benefits of using VirtuSync’s Record Warehouse Solution include:

The system is extremely efficient and easy to use, with a very short learning curve. The system is customizable and designed to accommodate the entire storage needs of an institution. The database will evolve along with the growth of the institution, and will continue to be the right resource for the future of the company. The following are some exciting features which the solution has to offer:

  • With this program, there is nothing to download and no client software to install. It is easy to access using any web browser.
  • The solution enables to scan, index and archive documents into the desired digital format.
  • The system has the ability to share folders electronically, distributing records using email, fax or FTP, searching records with specific texts, retrieving and previewing folders without the use of originating software such as CAD and much more.

The program will be available to multiple users within the company, and they will be able to access it from any workstation on site or remotely. It will allow every authorized staff/employee to have instant access to every document within the system. This is perhaps the ideal method to save and manage the documents which the company must keep track of.

Protection from Disaster
A disaster can be devastating for any institution. A natural calamity such as floods, earthquake, fire etc or for the reason a triggered disaster such as a terrorist attack can virtually destroy every important document that a company might possess. The loss of such irreplaceable records could cease the existence of any company – without these essential documents, most companies will not be able to initiate a start-up. The VirtuSync Record Warehouse solution ensures that all vital information and documents of a company will always be saved and available, thereby completely eliminating the possibility of loss of records and the information therein.

Extra Space
Saving and conserving records over the years can occupy a very large storage space of any office. It is estimated that most companies devote 1/3 of their office space for storage purposes. This system saves every record digitally. Thereafter, they can be saved to a Cd or DVD, or uploaded to any website. Such a system enables a company to discontinue using outdated storage methods, which take up too much space, are unreliable and risky. With the implementation of this system, any company can reclaim their office space and use it for more important functions.

Return on Investment 
The VirtuSync Record Warehouse solution is designed to save money and time for the institution implementing it. When this system is implemented within a company or institution, savings in cost accrued from expenditures on paper and ink for copying every document or file besides valuable storage space is also saved, which would have been required for the ever-increasing supply of paper documents. The solution will also promote the appropriate use of employee productive time which would have otherwise been lost in trying to locate misplaced and lost files. The ease of locating files will prevail throughout the institution; resulting in efficient operations and better servicing of client, ultimately aiding to the growth of the business/company/institution.

No company can afford to waste time, money and resources while searching for necessary record. VirtuSync takes pride to offer these unique solutions that will catalyse the growth of the institution implementing it. Please feel free to contact our dedicated staff at VirtuSync to explore the possibilities as to how the system implementation may be initiated in your esteemed institution. We eagerly anticipate associating.