Network Audit

VirtuSync initiates each client interview in precise detail with a person of the firm who typically makes decisions regarding business strategies. The interview gives the interviewer an idea of the company’s goals for the immediate future.

The next step involves the visit of a certified Engineer to the establishment to map the network and the environment using a variety of methods and tools. The Engineer will also interact with several of the network’s “power users” to gauge their impressions and/or concerns regarding the network’s performance. A meticulous compilation of all the network software and hardware configurations along with supporting screenshots will be taken and documented.

Thereafter, the Engineer will work with the Network consultant to discuss the Engineer’s findings, and the optimization needs of the network in view of the stated goals and strategies keeping in view the future growth prospects.

An Executive Report containing the recommendations along with the audit binder will be forwarded to the target institution. The Audit will be reviewed in a meeting with the key company officials. The outcome of this Network Audit meeting will determine the effective IT “roadmap” for the target company’s future.

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