Service / Infrastructure Support

Usually, an institution’s IT network’s servers and accompanying infrastructure are the heart and soul of its entire network paraphernalia. They are a means by which all the users of the network, whether remote or local, utilize the resource that enable its productivity. This productivity is vital for the institution’s ability to develop the competitive edge in the marketplace.

However, the infrastructure is complex with innumerable trouble spots which requires a meticulous eye for detail, and is rendered all the more difficult when required to respond due to the failure of a part (or parts) of the composite whole.

With VnetCentral Management in place, a network is under constant watchful eye of a staff of trained IT professionals who regularly perform routine maintenance tasks designed to prevent network problems, and are ever vigilant to respond 24/7 if a problem occurs. Such a situation is ideally preferred by an IT Manager. This leads to the smooth information flow within an institution for the accomplishment of its perceived goals by keeping IT costs within the predefined parameters.

Support Services VnetCentral Managed VnetCentral Premium VnetCentral Enterprise
Patch Management X X X
Unlimited Remote Support X X X
Service Availability Monitoring X X X
Spyware Detection & Removal X X X
Backup Monitoring X X X
Event Log Monitoring X X X
Drive Space Monitoring X X X
Virus Definition and Prevention X X X
Monthly Onsite Support X X X
Unlimited Onsite Support X

* Price shown is for certain multi-server configurations. Call us to get accurate pricing for your configuration.