Document Management Solution

It is inherent for every business to create paperwork as per the volume and magnitude of their operation. VirtuSync has created a solution to efficiently manage every document and record of an institution which it needs to permanently save.

The key to VirtuSync’s Document Management Solution is the creation of digital or electronic versions of every document which an institution produces. This can be attained by converting documents sent via email, Electronic Data Interchange transmissions, or through other applications such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Paper documents are also scanned into a digital format, so that they can be saved and filed identically.

Documents scanned and saved digitally can be stored permanently, accessed easily and available to everyone at the shortest notice. VirtuSync offers a variety of options for scanned documents which includes:

  • Savings items to a CD or DVD
  • Conversion to other formats such as Microfilm or Microfiche
  • Creating documents in a TIFF format which may be saved on any computer
  • Uploading the documents to a server.

If you are desirous of the safety of your documents, VirtuSync can take care of the same for you. There are quite a few reasons for using VirtuSync’s Document Management System:

The digital format is perhaps the best medium for saving, storage and sharing of documents. The records can be compressed and saved on any computer or server, and filed in an easy to understand and accessible database. Documents may be emailed, saved to a CD or DVD, transferred to a memory stick or made available using a variety of convenient methods.

Free Space
Physical storage of paper documents transpires in boxes and filing cabinets, and occupy sizable productive office space, which can be deployed for better utilization. Having documents in the digital format instead of physical form will save significant amount of space, and ensure that extra storage space has not to be rented in this era of high rents just for storing paper.

Going Paperless
Saving on paper is beneficial both environmentally and financially. There is a worldwide crusade to save the Earth’s natural resources by the partial or total abolishment of paper usage in daily life. It is essential that your institution shows its solidarity and resolve to this noble cause. Stoppage of paper use will also result in financial savings for the institution by savings in office supplies cost.

No Misplaced Files
A lost file is a potential waste of time and resources for any institution. Time, resources and work tend to severely suffer due to this cause. Storing all documents digitally will cause great ease and convenience in everyday work. VirtuSync’s Document Management Software includes a comprehensive database that provides an easy to understand filing system, which practically renders the loss of any digital file.

Disaster Recovery
Disasters, catastrophes and acts of God can occur any time without prior warning. When anything of this nature transpires, it is possible to lose many; if not all records and documents. A fire, flood or other disaster might destroy every existing paper document, but when copies of such documents are saved on servers, CD’s, DVD’s and other digital formats, it is easy to retrieve every piece of information. VirtuSync always recommends creating several backup copies of any essential and vital documents, so that they can be accessed post any disaster.

Return on Investment
Adopting VirtuSync’s Document Management System will enable the institution a substantial return on its investment. It will result in saving on paper and ink cost, and substantially save time trying to locate a lost document. VirtuSync offers low cost conversion and storage services for its clients; both individuals and institutions.