Government Document Management Solutions

Every Department of the Federal and State Governments are responsible for creating an overwhelming number of documents and records. They have to silently bear the brunt of a never-ending flow of official paperwork saddled with a very low budget of managing and sorting such records. It can be excessively difficult to preserve all this information.

VirtuSync has devised a system which can help in tiding such a situation. The process adopted involves saving all the documents in the digital format. This enables them to be stored easily on computers, servers, CD’s and DVD’s, and allows government offices to save overwhelming amounts of office space by doing away with endless paper documents.

The trained professional staff at VirtuSync is deft in their approach to such situations. The initial step involves taking over the entire paper work and scanning them in a very organized and chronological order. ViryuSync has the latest scanning equipment designed for any need; besides a large, professional and adequately trained staff to appropriately handle every document, and the resources necessary to manage the entire system.

The documents are subsequently saved in TIFF format, which will be accessible by any computer. VirtuSync has also offers a fully functional database for the storage of such records in a systematic and easy to use manner. VirtuSync’s system will enable a government office with a variety of advantages:

Government Document Management system is easy to use, and offers the advantage of making it easy to track any file or record needed by the user immediately. Since the documents are saved digitally, they are accessible by anyone with the proper authorization; whether they are on or off the premises. Any Government official will be able to look up to pertinent information and retrieve it quickly, which will increase productivity.

Lower Costs
After the conversion of old documents to the digital format, all new records will be saved and managed in the identical procedure. This process will save money and conserve resources, which will result in budget savings on paper and ink for making numerous copies.

Lucid Filing Systems
Paper documents are usually saved in boxes or filing cabinets. This is virtually an obsolete method of storage, which can be confusing and difficult to maintain. The Government Document Management solution of VirtuSync enables electronic storage of documents with easy accessibility at anytime and anywhere.

Protection from Disaster
Natural disasters in the nature of floods, earthquake or fire, or man-made disasters such as attacks by terrorists’ groups can cause the complete destruction of many government documents and files. Using the VirtuSync system will allow the user with complete assurance that all vital documents have been appropriately stored and saved, and will be accessible post any disaster which may transpire. With the Government Document Management Solution, the probability of losing any essential document is completely ruled out.

Return on Investment
Adopting VirtuSync’s Government Document Management System will enable the concerned government department a substantial return on its investment. It will result in saving on paper and ink cost and substantially save time trying to locate a lost document. VirtuSync offers low cost conversion and storage services for its clients.

VirtuSync takes pride in having implemented Government Document Management Solutions in an array of Government offices. If your office needs assistance of this nature, please contact our dedicated staff today; who can explore the possibilities for the implementation of the system in your esteemed department.