VirtuSync Becomes a Corporate Member of the Records Management Society of Great Britain

VirtuSync is honoured to become a Corporate Member of the Records Management Society of Great Britain. This Society was founded in 1983 to recognize individuals and institutions in the realm of records and information management.

Records Management Society is an epic institution with a strong industry professional oriented following. This institution has a dual mission:

  • Improving the status of records management and record managers through representation, external liaison and promotion.
  • Supporting professional development through sharing knowledge and expertise.

At VirtuSync, our utmost effort is to factor and integrate the latest global innovations in clients’ records management systems. This enables us to create exceptional management solutions to business, judiciaries, schools and other institutions to vastly improve and consolidate their business process. We also provide strategic guidance, unyielding support and innovative concepts that enable our partners to undergo a unique service experience and attain operational excellence.

As a corporate member of the RMS, VirtuSync solemnly pledges to continually seek and develop innovative products and services that benefit the record management industry.  

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