Virtual Judicial Records Centre

VirtuSync takes pride to announce its solo contribution towards the establishment of Hon. Justice Zainab A. Bulkackuwa Judicial Record Centre (VJRC) for the court of Appeal Headquarters of Nigeria. The VJRC utilizes a state-of-the-art Barcode solution that stores, sorts and provides instant access to documents that cover Election tribunal matters and administrative records of the Court.

The Barcode system may now be accessed by authorized personnel to find and locate any document instantly. They will have constant access to an online database that provides virtual access to the Court’s entire repository of data. The new system will remarkably improve the efficiency and productivity of the Court, and simplify the process of storing and accessing essential records.

In the forthcoming future, VirtuSync will introduce a Virtual Judicial Records Centre to the Court of Appeal in Lagos. This will enable authorized personnel to gain immediate access to current documents and records from the West African Court of Appeal dating back to the early 1900s. Court personnel will have an unprecedented ability to obtain data, both current and historical, enabling them to make decisions and attend to the responsibilities of the Court.

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