VirtuSync-Virtual Voters Verification System

VirtuSync takes pleasure to announce its innovative Virtual Voters Verification System tailored for the National Electoral Commission (INEC) of Nigeria. The cutting-edge service will modernize and restructure the crucial process of voting in Nigeria.

In the bygone days, members of the Commission had to often travel long distances to man their assigned voting constituencies in intensely remote locations, check on the status of their constituency or update themselves with other important details related to an election. With VirtuSync’s new solution, voters can find all this information and more using their smartphones.

The crucial system will save the Commission members a substantial amount of time, resolve conflict and confusion and streamline the voting process throughout Nigeria. Members of INEC will constantly have instant access to all the needed data. The Virtual Voter’s Verification System is just one of the many solutions VirtuSync has developed to improve, simplify and streamline the operational and decision-making process both in the government and non-government institutions.

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