Virtual Prisoners Information Management System

  • Feb 27, 2020
  • By: Admin

Virtual Prisoners Information Management System

VirtuSync takes pleasure in announcing the implementation of its Virtual Prisoners Information Management System at the New Keffi Prison, at Nasarawa in Nigeria. This innovative system will virtually modernize and restructure the crucial process of prisoner management, and subsequently in the decongestion of prisons in Nigeria.

Virtual Prisoners Information System (V-PIS®) is a customised solution developed by VirtuSync Ltd to enable Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS) capture the information of inmates for efficient record management purposes. With the introduction of this system, NPS will be reorienting itself by aligning to global best practices of prison management – and ushering an era of seamlessly integrating techno-human security aspects in Nigerian prisons.

This system has the ability to capture the data of inmates, their pictures, biometrics and other vital statistics conforming to NPS requirement. The information is converted into a database where individual vital statistics of all inmates can easily be recalled and retrieved when required. This provides an iron clad method to efficiently manage correctional facilities in Nigeria. Inmate identity can be determined and authenticated at any time, which increases NPS accountability, efficiency and security.

This approach as implemented at the New Keffi Prisons by VirtuSync Ltd is a major security milestone in the prisons, as it has introduced a drastic improvement in the security of inmates’ records. This has also resulted in the orientation of over twelve (12) prisons staff that were trained in operating the V-PIS® system, and the knowledge of which would be disseminated to others.