Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services

Most business owners try to derive the maximum from their information technology pursuits without spending time worrying about it. This is the primary reason why VirtuSync provides Managed Network Services.

Managed Network technology is a procedure to maximize network performance and reliability. This involves experienced, dedicated network administrators monitoring and managing network resources, which is accomplished by coordination with help desk and client services for a comprehensive approach to network needs.

Managed Service Delivery 

We ideally focus on your network which enables you to concentrate on your operational efficiencies. We at VirtuSync have invested in top-notch network management technologies and hired the best talent so that SMEs free themselves from maintaining a full-fledged IT department, which will practically be a drain on their resources which they cannot afford. We are dedicated to managing your network, enabling you to concentrate on your business.

Network Management

The process of managing and monitoring servers and all of the resources on a network can be very complex and time-consuming. With substantial experience, core competencies and unmatched resources in our Network Operation Centre, VirtuSync delivers an exceptional quality of network management that has less likelihood to be achieved by an in-house network administrator or scheduled maintenance visits.

Our network management for small businesses and professional firms encompasses the following:

- Network Administration, Network Monitoring.

- Virtual Private Network Implementation and Management.

- Manager Firewalls and Infrastructure.

- Network Support

- Remote Network Management

- Remote Desktop Management.

- Server Management.

Network Administration Services

Developing businesses lack the time and resources to conduct effective network administration. This has virtually prompted VirtuSync to offer network administration in its service portfolio.

Network Administration in VirtuSync is a whole-time and dedicated department, which is manned by certified and experienced network administrators who are obsessed with delivering the best client service. In this context, VirtuSync delivers the following services: –

- Assignment of network address and routing protocols.

- Establishing network access for new hires.

- Implementing remote network access for telecommuters and travelers.

- Routing table configuration & assignment of routing protocols.

- Directory Services and Domain Name Services (DNS)

- Coordination with other network and support services.

- Experienced, dedicated and certified network administrators performing routine administration tasks and on-call for immediate needs.

When your new software vendor asks to get an IP configuration changed ASAP, or when you need to add or remove network access privileges fast, it is great to know that VirtuSync network administrators are on the job for you.

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