VirtuSync Judicial and Custody Manager

VirtuSync Judicial and Custody Manager

VirtuSync is developing an innovative computer program named Virtual Automated Case Management System (V- ACMS). The Virtual Automated Case Management System consolidates a broad range of speedy law disbursal and prisoner information, which is currently marketed for adoption by similar institutions. It is a simple and secure online multiple interfaces enabled software system with mobile compatibility for quick discharge of justice at any time, in any location.


It has an integrated biometrics identification system as an added security feature duly certified and acknowledged by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), of which we have exclusive rights. It operates on the latest LES technology which speedily captures fingerprints asides being mobile compatible. The system architecture is simplistic, user-friendly, exhaustive and accurate as it discharges unbiased justice which ultimately culminates to the conviction or freedom of a lawfully detained individual.


The program consolidates all available information on each prisoner on one computer file, including visiting records, progress notes on behaviour, an inmate count and location, property sheets, signs of gang activity and prisoner grievance hearings.


Offender Management System (OMS)

OMS is a comprehensive inmate management system that enables instant data availability. The system architecture is on open technology that allows the integration with other systems to provide a single point of entry, but still allows individual ownership of data.

From intake to release, information on all aspects of an inmate’s incarceration is maintained – including initial intake, charges, sentencing, property, housing, medical, meal, planning, scheduling, and temporary release; to name a few. For heightened security, OMS utilises digital fingerprinting and iris recognition to positively identify inmates, increasing accuracy in inmate movement, housing, release, etc. Additionally, built-in-reports that interface with Business objects Crystal Reports make accurate reporting easy.

The solution has been created with the direct input of corrections sector professionals. OMS users are invited to participate in our annual User Group Meeting enabling them to provide direct and valuable input into refining the application. Such input ensures that OMS is the most updated and user-driven offender management software available.


Benefits: Features and benefits of the computerized record consolidation include:

·         Prisoners Biography: Records and past history, Biometrics (Fingerprints, etc) of Prisoners and visiting relatives and lawyers, etc.

·         Visiting Records: Inmates are allowed three half-hour visits per week from a list of up to eight visitors. The program tracks the visitors listed on the visiting list and the number of visits per week. Also, the prison will be able to provide law enforcement agencies with a list of an inmate’s visitors.

·         Inmate count: The prison will be able to get an instant accounting of every housing location.

·         Inmate disciplinary write-ups: Behaviour records will be complied with ease to determine earned time for early release.

·         Property Sheets: A major source of litigation for prisons, the alleged lost property has long been a source of frustration. The information will be stored on the computer, and a standard property sheet will be printed upon admission and release

·         Gang activity:  Information will be tracked on gang trends for clothing, drawings, and tattoos and will be used to identify prisoners who might be affiliated with gangs. Digital photos of every inmate will be uploaded into the computer, so that gang members can be identified and kept apart

·         Grievance proceedings: Officials will be able to track and summarize all grievances filed by the prisoner

·         Bed location: The program records all locations where a prisoner has been housed, including all cellmates. This allows the county to better track prisoners that should be kept apart and gives the district attorney’s office verification that inmates had contact, in the event a jailhouse confession is reported.

·         Multi-Facility/Multi-Agency Integration.


Juvenile Detention

Managing juvenile offenders requires a different approach. VirtuSync recognizes that these differences affect the way juvenile cases are managed. To address such unique needs, VirtuSync has developed Juvenile Detention Centre (JCD) for use in juvenile correctional facilities.

As accurate reporting is considered the cornerstone of the correctional system, VirtuSync includes the reports mostly seen in the JDC application. These in-built reports cover a wide range of topics, yet JDC easily interfaces with Crystal Reports for simple, custom report creation. Accommodating essential needs is the top priority of VirtuSync.

Additionally, JD can be used with VirtuSync’s Digital Imaging System to attach juvenile photographs to case records, document dorm damage and create identification bracelets.

Location Scanning

Location scanning keeps the track of juveniles throughout the facility. Using standard barcode scanners at each checkpoint, each juvenile’s ID wristband is scanned, creating real-time movement and location information.

Incident Tracking

JD features complete incident tracking. One can record all juveniles and staff members involved in the incident, where the incident took place, notification, and outcomes.

Custom Assessment Tests

JDC enables the creation and administering of an institutionally designed assessment test. Conversely, JDC’s assessment test template can be utilised to create risk, suicide and drug assessments, calculation of results and assigning a status when the test is complete.

Statistical Reporting

JDC simplifies the monthly statistical reporting. The program comes with multiple built-in reports that cover the areas which are required to report most. For facilities with special reporting needs, JDC easily interfaces with Crystal Reports for simple, custom report creation. It is quite difficult to find a solution which works perfectly to one’s needs. However, with VirtuSync’s innovative, user-friendly software solution, the issue is adequately and satisfactorily resolved.


Additional Features

·         Detailed Physical Description.

·         Detailed Contact Information for Family Members.

·         School Information, Including History.

·         Original and Final Offences.

·         Aliases

·         Gang Affiliation/Enemy Check.

·         Risk, Suicide, and Drug Assessment.

·         Approved Visitor’s List.

·         Temporary/Permanent Releases.

·         Detailed Court Status.

·         Bench Warrants.

·         Medical Alerts.


VirtuSync Benefits

VirtuSync prioritises customer needs. It believes that the best solutions can be produced primarily by dint of users’ input. VirtuSync arranges bi-annual User Groups exclusively for JDC users. These meetings provide a platform where users provide valuable inputs for future updating and development of the system.